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Investing In Denver – Buy and Holds, Fix and Flips

Investing In Denver With Denvers Real Estate Expert Sean P Gribbons


Whether buying or selling investment property in Denver or the Denver metro area I’m the go to Realtor.  I have extensive experience in buy and holds, fix and flips, and wholesaling just to name the main few.   Along with buying and selling for my clients I also invest in the market because its important to practice what you preach!  My investing is mainly in buy and holds and the occasional fix and flip.  I know the process from start to finish so guiding my clients to  make an educated descion is the reason why I have so many repeat clients and referrals.  Investment real estate is truly my passion and I’m always excited to start working with new clients whether new or seasoned.  In this blog post I talk about investing and 3 of the different categories most investors make their money through.

Buy and Holds

Many investors like seeing long term safer gains through buy and hold investments rather than riskier quick cash investments like fix and flips.  Basically a buy and hold investment is where an investor purchases a property rents it out and holds it for a predetermined period of time.  Usually ranging from 3 to 10 years from the purchase to sale of the property.  With this type of investment you are benefiting from not only the hopefully upward market gain but you are also paying off the balance of loan with funds from the tenants renting the property.  This is a great way to increase your networth and create longer term capital.

Fix and Flips

Fix and flips are the investment strategy that most people know.  This is probably because of the risk involved and the shows on TV these days.  Fix and flips can be a great way to earn fast cash.  Basically a fix and flip is where an investor buys a distressed property and essentially fixes it up and re sells the property for profit.  This is a great way for a’lot of investors to make money on a quicker time line than a buy and hold.  Remember this strategy is very risky but comes with high reward!


Wholesaling is an interesting process that is extremely risky and only for seasoned investors who know the market and what they are doing.  Basically an investor will put a property under contract for a certain price.  In this example we will say $100,000 they then will find another investor who is willing to pay slightly more for the same property, we will say $110,000 the difference between the two purchase prices is the wholesalers profit.  This is very risky but can be a very quick way to make money.


What is typical in Denver to invest in?

In Denver we are currently seeing great market gains and have been for the past 3 years or so.  Rents are also at record highs and there isn’t much inventory compared to years past for sale.  This is great conditions for all 3 of the types above.  Its great for first time investors to get into the market because with the market gains they can quickly recover most small losses from unknown repairs or other miscellaneous expenses they may not have anticipated.  For seasoned investors they can really create a great Denver Investment property portfolio and see some fantastic returns.   That being said the typical investment purchase I see in Denver is all three, buy and holds, fix and flips, and wholesaling.  The Denver market has been great these past few years and many investors are still getting into the market now which is still a fantastic time.

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